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We offer managed hosting and support on-premises installations.

Managed hosting

Eveoh offers professional managed hosting for MyTimetable in a European data center. Managed hosting requires very little involvement of your IT department. Some involvement is only required during set up of MyTimetable, for example to connect to your timetabling software, and to set up authentication.

The hosting environment is fully managed by Eveoh and Eveoh takes care of maintenance. Updates of MyTimetable are carried out on a per-customer basis, and in consultation with the customer.

Managed hosting comes with 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 pro-active support for high priority incidents. A 99.5% availability is guaranteed, as well as high performance of the application.

On-premises hosting

With on-premises hosting, the customer is responsible for hosting MyTimetable. Additional infrastructure is required to host MyTimetable, resulting in a higher total cost of ownership.

IT staff involvement is required for setting up MyTimetable, as well as maintenance of the infrastructure and updates of MyTimetable. Eveoh assists the customer with incidents and updates for specific system software required for MyTimetable.

Support is limited to office hours. The customer is responsible for monitoring, availability and performance.

Compare MyTimetable hosting scenarios

Managed hosting On-premises hosting
Hosting Hosted by Eveoh in a European data center Hosted by customer
Additional infrastructure required No Yes
Additional hardware costs None Costs for resources required to host MyTimetable
IT staff involvement required Limited Yes
Total cost of ownership (TCO) Low High
Incident resolving Proactive incident resolving, 24/7 support for priority 1 incidents. Reactive incident resolving for MyTimetable specific system software during office hours.
Response times 'Plus' response times for priority 1 incidents 'Basic' response times
Maintenance and updates Fully managed by Eveoh. MyTimetable updates carried out after consulting the customer. Managed by customer, assistance provided when required.
Monitoring 365/24/7 monitoring of platform and application Responsibility of customer
Availability 99.5% availability guaranteed No guarantees, platform is responsibility of customer
Performance Guaranteed performance. Proactive resolving of performance incidents Performance dependent on customer hosting platform. Reactive resolving of performance incidents
Backups 14 day retention, maximum of 1 day data-loss Responsibility of customer
Non-performance penalty Non-performance penalty on availability No non-performance penalty

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