Synchronise your timetable with your calendar

Seamlessly connect with third-party platforms and clients.

Integrate your timetable with your main calendar

MyTimetable offers push integration with leading calendar platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace for Education. Timetable activities become appointments in the user’s main calendar, allowing students and co-workers to schedule meetings based on complete and correct availability information.

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Key advantages

  • Personalised timetable becomes part of your main calendar
  • Up-to-date availability information for other users
  • Push based: MyTimetable determines the update frequency
  • No separate calendar that is hidden to other users, as with iCalendar subscriptions

Supported platforms

  • Microsoft Office 365 (cloud based)
  • Microsoft Exchange (on-premises)
  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Google Calendar
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Pull based iCalendar subscriptions

MyTimetable supports iCalendar subscriptions out of the box. Calendar applications that support the iCalendar format can be linked to MyTimetable. iCalendar subscriptions can be used with any client that supports the iCalendar format.
These applications will pull the user’s personal iCalendar feed containing the user’s timetable periodically to keep the calendar up-to-date.

Supported clients

• Microsoft Outlook

• Google Calendar

• Apple Calendar

• Smartphone and tablet calendar apps

• Other applications that support iCalendar subscriptions

More Features

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Selective synchronisations

Students and staff can select which timetables they want to have synchronised to their calendar. Lecturers can for example add and view other lecturer’s timetables in MyTimetable, but limit synchronisation to their own timetable.

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Opt-in vs opt-out

Push synchronisation is offered as an opt-in and an opt-out option. Using opt-in, users have to manually connect MyTimetable to their calendar by one simple action in MyTimetable. Institutions can also by default enable the synchronisation for (a group of) users using the opt-out model.

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Cancel push synchronisations

Users can cancel push synchronisations from MyTimetable. Synchronised activities from their timetable can be automatically removed again, if required. It is also possible to leave the calendar appointments in place, or remove only future activities.

Integration with Digital Learning Environments

Blackboard Learn

MyTimetable comes with a Blackboard Learn building block that shows the user’s upcoming activities, and allows the user to navigate to the full MyTimetable interface.


Next to this, the building block contains a small REST API allowing MyTimetable to request the user’s course enrolments from Blackboard Learn. These enrolments are used as suggested timetables in MyTimetable.

Microsoft Sharepoint, Moodle & Sakai

Upcoming activities of a user can also be integrated in Microsoft Sharepoint, Moodle and Sakai.

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Create custom integrations using our well-documented API

Using the MyTimetable REST API, you can integrate (personalised) timetable information into other applications easily. Think of institutional smartphone apps, timetable displays, workspace availability portals, or even timetable based climate control in lecture rooms.

View API documentation

Timetable data sources

Semestry TermTime / ExamTime

MyTimetable supports real-time timetables from cloud-based scheduling solution TermTime


Currently, course, module, student, staff, and location timetables are supported. Student and staff timetables also include room bookings.

Scientia Syllabus Plus

Full Scientia Syllabus Plus support is available by reading data directly from the Scientia Enterprise Reporting Database, allowing for presenting up-to-date timetabling data.


All common Scientia Syllabus Plus timetabling workflows are supported. MyTimetable can be configured to support your institution’s specific processes. Displaying Web Room Bookings is supported as well.

Scientia Exam Scheduler

Exam timetables from Scientia Exam Scheduler are supported by MyTimetable. Data is read directly from the Exam Scheduler database.


Class, course, staff and room timetables from Gruber & Petters Untis are supported by MyTimetable.


MyTimetable supports student and staff timetables from OSIRIS, read directly from the OSIRIS API.

Simac Presto 4

Simac Presto provides attendance and absence registration, including engagement monitoring.
Students can view their attendances and absences in MyTimetable.

Built-in data source

The built-in MyTimetable data source can be used to provide timetables with additional activities that are not available in your primary timetable data source, such as holidays or cultural activities.

Other data sources

Because of the modular architecture of MyTimetable, support for new data sources or timetabling software can be added easily and affordable.


Please contact us if you are interested in this. We are always looking for opportunities to support new timetabling software with MyTimetable.

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Distance learning with Pexip Infinity

Together with Pexip — a leading innovator in scalable, distributed videoconferencing software — we integrated virtual lectures straight into MyTimetable.


Students can join virtual lectures from their personalised timetable just by clicking a single button, greatly improving user experiences. High definition virtual lectures can be joined from virtually any web browser and device without the need to even install custom software or apps.
Lecturers benefit from a fully automated workflow and can focus on teaching, instead of dealing with technology. Scheduled virtual lectures automatically start at the beginning of the lecture, using the equipment available in the lecture room. The lecturer does not need to dial in, or perform any manual actions.


All virtual lectures can be managed from the timetabling software, requiring very little training for staff. Support for Scientia Syllabus Plus is provided out of the box.


Read more on our blog

Student record systems

Module enrolments from your student record system can be used to automate the student workflow. Student timetables will show up automatically in MyTimetable, without the need to perform any manual actions.


By using enrolment data, students can be offered a fully personalised timetable, without the need for personal timetables as an output of your timetabling process. Student timetables can also be locked-down, limiting access to their personal timetable only.


MyTimetable supports SAML authentication out of the box, enabling single sign-on functionality and role management based on authentication details.

Supported authentication methods

• Anonymous authentication
• SAML2 authentication (e.g. SURFconext)
• OAuth 2.0 (API)
• Application tokens (API)

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