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Feature Overview

  • Personalised timetable per user
  • Support for many timetable types: module, programme of study, programmes of study group, student set, student set group, student, staff, activity group, section, building (zone), location, location group, equipment, tag
  • Support for activity types, can be used to colour or filter activities
  • Support for draft activities, which can be hidden for certain user groups
  • Custom date ranges, such as semesters
  • Custom week names/numbers to match your academic calendar
  • Customisation of the source data to publish
  • Publish multiple study years by combining data sources
  • Merge multiple data sources, e.g. a data source per department
  • Combine merging data sources and publishing multiple study years
  • Internationalised timetable data supported
  • Use external data to provision user profiles
  • Wide range of timetable views available out of the box
  • Mobile interface for smartphones and tablets
  • Condensed view; group activities by day of the week
  • Tailored views for support staff available, such as an availability view
  • Easy navigation
  • Custom branding
  • Fully internationalised
  • Show timetables in institution time zone or user time zone
  • Show room information in MyTimetable
  • Highlight overlap in a timetable
  • Extensive help page available
  • Link to timetables from external systems, e.g. from your course catalogue
  • Link to external systems from MyTimetable, e.g. to your digital learning environment
  • Use QR codes or NFC tags to enable quick access to room timetables
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Google Calendar
  • Role-based access to timetables
  • Role-based access to draft activities
  • Integration with SAML2 compatible authentication systems
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • Smartphone and tablet calendar apps
  • Other applications that support iCalendar subscriptions
  • Provisioning API and toolkit available
  • Web based administration panel
  • PDF (week, list)
  • PDF list by location
  • Comma separated values (CSV), to use with for example Microsoft Excel
  • iCalendar
  • Semestry TermTime & ExamTime
  • TimeEdit
  • Xedule
  • Scientia Syllabus Plus, via Scientia Enterprise Reporting Database
  • Scientia Exam Scheduler
  • Untis
  • Simac Presto 4
  • Built-in MyTimetable data source
  • Custom data source
  • Support for other timetabling software can be added on request, contact us if you are interested in this
  • Other data sources can be added on request, contact us if you are interested in this

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